The fire fighters at the Woolwine Fire Department, learn how to fight fires in two ways.

    First, as a junior fire fighter or new member, they get some early training from the older and more experienced members. This is done at the weekly meetings, usually on Thursday evenings, but not limited to then. It may involve learning how to use the pumps, to replenish the water to the Unit # 2411 (big tanker truck) so as to continue fighting a fire, or to learn how to refill one of the trucks from a local pond. It could be a planned burn used for training, to rid a local resident of an unwanted and unsafe building, as seen in the picture below.

The new members thereby get a chance to see how a fire progresses, with regard to direction and speed. It is explained, to these new members, how they should go about putting it out, if this was a real fire in need of extinguishing. They also get to practice using the hoses and the pumper trucks.

Secondly they have many courses available to them through Patrick County and the State of Virginia.

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